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Not that great... It keeps not saving my last mileage entry so I can know where I was at when I changed the oil... Not enough features for a paid app... My notebook that came standard with my phone works better!

Nice app!!!

Just what Ive been looking for...great!!!


Ok, but no option to take notes.

Suv logo

Nice app, but I would like to see a suv logo,and a field for rotate your tires when you change your oil too, then I will give five stars.

Fair. very basic app. Needs work

Fair app. Needs some work. No notes capabilities. Doesnt use iPhone functions like calendar scroll wheel for setting dates. Poor number formats. Needs x1000 commas on number formats. Mail menus displays al vehicles should display all Next oil change milage. I would pass on this app. You can do the same thing in not pad.

A good start

Very basic. Would like to see some additions. Would be useful to include other maintenace items (trans/coolant flush, etc). Also a place to make notes would help too.

Needs to support oil change history

I was surprised and disappointed to see that this app does not accumulate a history of oil changes. It merely asks the user to input the date and mileage of the last oil change along with the a field for the same information for the next planned oil change. After user changes oil, it requires the user to delete the text in both fields and start over again. This app needs to be upgraded store the change history so as to provide a complete understanding of engine care over a period of years.


This app needs some work. It would be nice if the app promt you when its time for your next oil change. Also it should automatical calculate your next oil change base on the date and miles you entered for last oil change.


Crashed my iPhone 3gs!!?? Erased it immediately!!

Needs work

Its an alright app but it should let you know when the date to change your oil is coming up, obviously its not going to know the mileage on your car/truck.

Needs Work

Needs more work history of change, note col., a place to put brand of oil, place to put other info like belt no. Batt. Info, tire info etc.


The most basic function this program needed to perform is to calculate the next oil change. Failing that you are scamming iPhone users for your app that should be in the free category.

Needs icloud

Everytime I add my info it gets erased if theres an update or I replace my phone. Dont use it anymore its a waste of my time

Not worth it

This app is nothing special. You input all info yourself. Would be nice to put make and model in of car and have info preload in such as oil type, filter size, Etc. Not worth the dollar I paid for it.

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